Thunderlea, Our Home!

The Romantic Republic Of Thunderlea (Also Known As Thunderlea) is a country located Southwest Of The Democratic Republic Of Malaysia. Its created by The Thunder King after the War Of Thunderlea In 30/11/1992, Which Is The Date Of Country's Independence. The Main Goverment Is Located In Thunderia (The Capital City Of Thunderlea) While The 2nd Goverment Is Located In Rainbow City. Its one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The Official Language Of Thunderlea is Bahasa Thunderlea AKA (Thundjaleya). Republic Day Is Celebrated On 30/11/1993 Just like our Independence Day is.  Thunderlea's main flag is called Hearted Star Of Love. Its also known as The Special Star. The Official Religions Of Thunderlea Is Thunderlea,Squaiards and Azaleans. The first National Anthem Of Thunderlea is called Live On,March On,Oh,Thunderlea The New and Current National Anthem Of Thunderlea is Rejoice Thunderlea It was created by The Thunder King himself. 

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