Kids Next Door,BATTLE STATIONS!!! - Numbuh 1

Nigel Uno Is The Brave Bald Leader Of Kids Next Door Sector V. He met up with The President Of The Universal Kids Next Door Organization On 2013 at their Main Base HeadQuarters. Numbuh 1 takes full responsiblity on Sector V as is the most trusted Kids Next Door Operatives Ever. He's a tactical genius and a skilled tactician who maybe stern, But has a soft side in him that makes him trustworthy enough To Earn The Universal Kids Next Door Organization Badge Of Freindship. He now works as Head Of Brave Leader Of The Seventh Division (Sector V19), Which Is Located In The United Kingdom. He was first appointed by The Universal Kids Next Door Organization as a spy before he became The Leader Of The Seventh Division (Sector V19). He's the bravest Kids Next Door Operative On The Team. He's got relationships with the Other Universal Kids Next Door Members. Especially His New Crush, Agent 467, Another Member Of Sector V19)  He also has feelings for Agent 467 as he's saved her 342 times.  He's very smart, brave, kindhearted and totally aware of everything and would do anything to satisfy his team

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